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It’s a big ambiguous trail from farm to fork.

Here at Harmony Hens we don’t want it to be that way. We raise our hens openly organic and purposefully pastured, which means we’re transparent about how the lovely ladies are raised from day one and we purposefully pasture the happy hens on certified organic pasture and feed. Put simply, we respect the nature of chickens as free-roaming omnivorous birds that love nothing more than to scratch up bugs and fine dine on the best that there is to eat as an organic bird.

But beyond the slew of words we use and the practices tied to their definitions, we recognize that you are people rather than a simple transaction - you’re a partner of our farm. Bigger than trends and diet fads, the health and nourishment of our families is the core of our mission. Words and labels don’t feed the family, the way our hens are raised and the eggs you eat are what really matters. And that’s why we say you’re a partner, every dozen eggs you buy is not only real tangible vote towards your family’s health, but you are actively feeding the happy hens and allowing them to roam freely on the best certified organic pasture around.

Excellent eggs aren’t laid by accident, we fine dine on the most nutritious & delicious certified organic flora and fauna.
— Martha, Harmony Hen